Eyes Closed

Eyes Closed - OUT NOW

All Streaming Platforms: https://ffm.to/maxgreeneyesclosed

Official Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnjeGy-OBi4

Presenting the debut solo single from LA based artist Max Green.

"Eyes Closed is about dealing with anxiety in the face of a break up. It's about losing someone who couldn't keep the integrity needed to make a connection last. Although it doesn't focus entirely on heartbreak, there's almost a sense of satire to the tone... like get over yourself... everyone deals with heartbreak. That's all apart of growing up and learning about yourself."


Eyes Closed is the debut single off the Max Green EP - Take Care coming out in Fall 2021.  collection of emotional Indie Pop tunes made with producer Jim Alxndr. The songs showcase a colorful palette of production with lyrical themes covering topics of existentialism, self-identity, romance, and heartbreak.

Max Green


Echo Park based songwriter, Max Green, crafts lyrical melodic gems to dance over free-standing works from a tasteful selection of ear-catching artists. “In my experience, I’ve found that my best work is written when I’m presented with something that I instantly vibe with. I’ve noticed that the more natural the process is, the better things turn out.” His solo endeavor is collaborative in nature as his works have spread globally through toplines made with producers all over the world including this year's releases with labels Ultra MusicSidekick Music, & Armada Music . Green's lyricism touches on topics of existentialism, self-identity, romance, and heartbreak, written over the works of creatives ranging from genres of Indie, to Dance, & LoFi Hip Hop.