Max Green Ambient Projects

Max Green

Echo Park based producer/writer, Max Green is a highly prolific music producer with a catalog that has surpassed over 100 Million Streams across streaming platforms. His music has been featured on such publications as NPR, Noisey, Spin Magazine, & EUPHORIA. In addition his music has placed on a plethora of advertisements, movies, and TV shows such as Disney, MTV, Bravo, E, and more! This page is dedicated as  a summary of his active projects/catalog in the sleep, ambient and binaural beats space:

places we go  is a unique sleep/Ambient project run by Max Green where he uses the nature aesthetics of rain, wind, animal environmental sounds to help the listener enter a relaxing space that feels like traveling, but also being so comfortable. 


Waves Of Sine is Max Green's binaural beats project that utilizes all sorts of relaxing synth washes and light environmental sounds along with concise sine waves to create the ultimate relaxation space for the listener.

Misted Minds is the mystic ambient project from Max Green that is inspired by the beauty of nature and the unknown. This music is curate so listeners can be sent to a mental space that is healing, bewildering, and relaxing.


Peace In Stillness is the project made to create a space of ultimate relaxation. This project dabbles in binaural, ambient and sleep music to help the listener relax, sleep, meditate, and focus.