Within the sync world I, Max Greenhalgh, have worked extensively on numerous projects for different entities over the past 5 years. It started off with various TV syncs via releases from my own project 'Inspired & the Sleep'. And I have gone on to apply my production and songwriting to all sorts of projects intended specifically for sync (brief writing, buyouts, etc). In the last year, I have landed a plethora of cues on reality TV shows through writing/producing as a roster artist for the company Signature Tracks. I have also been fortunate enough to license my work with companies/entities such as Disney, Persimmon Grove, APM, Viacom, Heavy Hitters, Vizio, Massive Music, Music as well as various independent films and TV shows on networks like MTV, Bravo, E and more.

Feel free to take a listen to some samples of my work:

A selection of my own project Inspired & the Sleep's music that has been synced in TV, Film, and Advertisement.


In March 2020 I finished a Sync album project for Sync Licensing company Black Label Music under the sync project name: Novatious.


Some examples of some brief writing one-off songs I wrote/produced for specific entities/music supervisors.


Here is an example of my work as an advertisement composer doing a European Car Commercial pitch for Amsterdam based company Massive Music:


A sync full-length album I produced and mixed for music library APM.


Here is a playlist of cues for a brief pitch submission that I sent in for TV show 'The Bachelor'/'The Bachelorette'. Brief requested acoustic/emotional music.


Here is are some select songs from my work with Signature Tracks that have been synced on reality TV or are my top picks. Keep in mind, due to Signature Track's request, mixes are relatively rough due to the style of pitches.


To get in touch feel to reach Max Anthony Greenhalgh at:


1018 N Coronado St.

Los Angeles, CA 90026